Capo Pursuit Roubaix Bibknicker

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There are lots of in-between days where bibs aren't enough, but tights may be too much. Knee and leg warmers are a great option, but a nice pair of knickers is the ideal setup for many who often ride on days in the 40 to 60-degree range. And Capo makes a great garment with the Pursuit Roubaix Bib Knicker.

The Thermo Roubaix fabric provides more insulation than standard bib short Lycra, and the extra knee coverage keeps those all-important joints happier for longer on chilly days. Capo uses a twelve-panel construction for a sleek, anatomic fit that offers moderate compression to support your muscles and keep you feeling fresh for miles on end.

Bibs are the avid cyclist's best friend-no waist band to create irritation points, and the shorts and chamois stay right where you want them, as the short moves with you.

Capo relies on the advanced, multi-density Anatomic-L HD Carbon EIT (Elastic Interface Technology) chamois to enable hours on end of pedaling comfort. There's padding where you need the extra support, and no extra material where you don't. The chamois' antimicrobial properties help to prevent saddle sores, and the material quickly wicks moisture away to prevent chafing.

Capo adds reflective logos and inserts to the knickers to make the rider more visible to traffic in low-light conditions.

While bib knickers may not be must-have items for those dabbling in cycling, those who ride a lot appreciate the all-in-one package knickers offer, with better breathability than full-on tights, and more warmth than regular bibs due to the thicker fabrics and knee coverage. Looking to extend your season into the fall and ride on cooler days? Capo's Pursuit Roubaix Bib Knicker will help you do just that.