Chapeau! Pave Woman Bibshort - White Detail

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When the open road is calling the Pave Green bibshorts will keep you comfy and fresh on longer rides and events. Sportive riders, audaxers and tourists will appreciate a bibshort designed for people who prefer a more upright position than pure racers.

The heart of any bibshorts is the pad. For the Pave Green we use a female specific Performance 2 pad, with triple density padding to give you support where you need it most (and more modest padding where you don't). The firmest padding goes right under your sit-bones soft padding compresses over the course of a long ride, so high density foam is used at the points where the pressure is greatest. Like the other pads in our range, the Performance 2 features a unique channel which guides and supports your pelvis through a full pedal stroke. Of course the longer you spend in the saddle, the more important it is to stay cool, so the Performance 2 has a Super Air base layer and a soft brushed Cool Cube upper surface for maximum freshness.

A good pair of bibshorts should be a snug fit, so the Paves have a multi-panel design, full mesh back and soft straps to hold them in place, no matter what your body shape. Because British roads are less than smooth, we've chosen a densely woven Topazio fabric for the legs. Topazio has less bounce than regular lycra so it holds tired leg muscles more firmly and reduces fatigue over rough roads. The legs are a proper length too, coming down to the bottom of your thigh. Coupled with a wide elasticated cuff and subtle silicone printing the shorts will stay in place without pinching or causing the dreaded 'sausage leg'.

The Pad
We know that one of the most important parts of a bibshort is the pad. That's why we put our trust in industry leader Elastic Interface when it comes to this important component. Here is the low down on the pad specified in the Ladies Pave Bibshort:

The HP version of the Bastogne Women's pad guarantees increased protection for Long Distance rides, thanks to the additional ultra-high density inserts that are positioned in the ischiatic and perineal zone. While the top surface of the Bastogne HP is characterized by being totally flush, providing close and continuous skin contact, the underneath portion conceals the technology where ultra-high density inserts develop and give life to a new type of construction. This aspect is usually much appreciated among those riders that prefer a smooth, fl at surface with no areas of transition or "steps" that denote density changes. As with all EIT products, the shaping of the central area is engineered according to specific anthropometrical measurements, guaranteeing adequate protection and supporting female anatomy while in saddle, providing perfect fit and saddle stability. Also the "pelvic tract" area was tested and engineered to support the rotation of the pelvic bone on the saddle while pedaling. The ultra-high density insert makes this product ideal for 4-plus hour rides.The perfect combination of perforated foams and different foam densities provide breathability and freedom of movement.