Chapeau! T-Shirt - Black

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As much as we'd like to be we aren't always riding a bike. We sometimes have to work, socialise, do DIY - you know boring things like that! Chapeau! has been around for a few years now and we thought it was about time to give you some options for when you are out of the saddle.

Our Chapeau T-shirts are made from a 70% Bamboo Viscose and 30% Organic Cotton mix which means they are a cut above a standard t-shirt and supremely comfortable. Rather than having them printed en-masse we took the decision to use a local guy who does each one by hand in a rather nice studio and gives each tee his undivided care and attention, Oh and he also has a Chihuahua called Taco who lives in a rucksack.

The end result a superbly comfortable tee with some subtle (yet stylish) Chapeau designs.