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Why we made this:
In the laces of the sinuous roads of the Galibier, Trueba drops them all and makes advantages with every pedal stroke.

Vicente Truea was a champion of the Alps, the tiny climber who could ascend a rocky mountain like no other. As the tour races on nearly a century later, we’re paying tribute to the Flea of Torrelavega.
The sun ardent on the terrible Col de Galibier, loose scree rocks strewn over percentages of over 15%, make the task of the leader and his adversaries even more difficult.

In the desert landscape, devoid of all vegetation and shadow, the road of the Tour de France rises slowly, painfully for Vicente Trueba, the hero of our sport.

Vicente Trueba was a champion of the Alps, the tiny climber could ascend like no other. The Flea of Torrelavega took the first ever King of the Mountains classification at the Tour de France and became a legend.

This year we pay tribute to the man with our special edition men’s and women’s Club Pro jerseys. Vamos Poco Pulga!

Completely new for 2019, the Club Pro features aero sleeves for an even faster version of our popular Club jersey. It is lightweight, comfortable, quick to dry, bullet fast and stylish.
The stripe sleeve fabric is not only aero-fast but delivers style and allows us to create tonal differences in colour that works beautifully with the main body fabric.

The rear of the Club Pro Jersey has the essential three pockets and a zip-up security pocket for your keys and coins. There's also a full gripper to hold the Pro securely in place.

You can choose to go full on with the pattern or low key with the logo only, as well as the ever sharp chest stripes. You can even pair with a matching base layer for full on dazzle.

The Chapeau! Club Pro Jersey is our fastest ever cycling jersey that offers form and function in abundance.