CHPT3 x Fabric ALM OneMoreLap Saddle

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Working with supersonic jet maker Airbus to ignite a step-change in saddle design is typical of the pioneering approach taken by accessory manufacturer, Fabric. Prototyped initially using 3D printed titanium, the team weren't satisfied with the result, instead favouring the more versatile properties of carbon fibre which they've used to create a groundbreaking all-carbon saddle, fit for the future.

Weighing just 140g, performance and comfort have truly been combined in this revolutionary move, allowing for a feathery weight and an increased level of comfort over traditional saddles, with vibration dampening coming from the flexible rails and padded topper

The saddles minimalist, futuristic looks are complemented with a clean white upper and rails whilst the hull is decorated beautifully in our abstract Onemorelap pattern. Thanks to the oh-so-smooth lines and one-piece finish there's nowhere for dirt to hide, allowing you to keep that exclusive design ready for its next viewing.

The slick, slender finish isn’t just for show, as beautiful as it may look. Thanks to the unique one-piece construction, this is a saddle crafted for comfort, no matter how far your ride. The advanced design integrates carbon fibre leaf spring rails with a highly flexible carbon base to super-charge your comfort without the addition of extra weight. This in-built suspension system is achieved by moving the rear mounting points back, creating flexibility and responsiveness where you need it most.

The ALM's bulk-free design allows you to move around effortlessly in the saddle as you change position and re-adjust on the bike. Comfort is increased with the firm PU foam upper and vacuum bonded textured leather which prevents you from moving unexpectedly from your position.


  • Flexible all-carbon saddle
  • Exclusive CHPT3 design
  • Designed with Airbus Group Innovations
  • Unique carbon leaf spring design
  • Built-in suspension system
  • Featherweight materials
  • Rails: Carbon leaf spring (7 x 9mm)
  • Cover: Microfibre
  • Weight: 140g
  • Width: 142mm