CHPT3 x POC Devesa Crave Sunglasses

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Visibility is key when you want to perform at your best; the CHPT3 x POC Crave sunglasses will ensure your view is clear and style is high.

Originally an integral sponsor to David Millar’s Pro Team squad, POC has transitioned into an essential partner of CHPT3. Playing an important role our image since CHPT3 began, we've chosen POC products for their unique styling and to provide utmost safety and performance during our daily product testing here on the roads of Girona. The first CHPT3 x POC collaboration emerged, as natural as the Devesa forest itself. A beautiful balance of design, form and function laid on a groundwork of unconventional and positive thinking.

The impressive trees of the Devesa here in Girona had our minds racing with every journey past. It was impossible to miss the number ‘3’ imprinted in nature. Using advanced texture generation software, we brought the camouflage-like pattern to life digitally, with layers of visual density used to create a recognisable pattern - a graphical expression of the great lung of Girona and our latest collection: Devesa

The distinctive Crave glasses feature a lightweight, flexible and durable grilamid frame, making it the perfect match for the demands of any cycling discipline. The hydrophilic rubber stays grippy even when wet so the glasses will stick to your nose when you move, regardless of rain. Meanwhile a durable PC lens from Carl Zeiss Vision offers outstanding optical performance and the open frame construction provides ventilation that helps to evacuate steam. The lens is ripel treated to help keeping fog, dirt and grime off your lenses and ensures water runs off almost instantly.

  • Exclusive and limited edition CHPT3 x POC Devesa design
  • Incredibly lightweight for superior comfort
  • High-grip rubberised nose-piece for a confident hold, no matter the terrain
  • Ripel treated lense to ensure a clear view at all times
  • Carl Zeiss Vision lenses for maximum durability