G4 Blue Pure Woman Cycling Short

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The "PURE" blue women's compression bib shorts follow the colours of the jersey with a blue-green print on the thighs’ elastic waists.

Perfect complement to the "PURE" women's cycling jersey, G4 offers the best equipment to take care of your comfort and optimize your performance.
The wide elastic on the hips allows a harmonious support without compressing the abdomen in the bike position. Beyond elegance, aerodynamics and compression materials promote performance during the effort. The fabric used on our women's bib shorts allows the evacuation of moisture and excellent breathability. Wearing high-end bib shorts, which are durable, will significantly increase your comfort and performance.

Our Women's 100 Pro HD® high-density double foam pad cycling offers unmatched comfort during your long rides. The 3D honeycomb fabric provides softness and ventilation, making it one of the most comfortable women's padded cycling shorts. Ideally placed, the 4 needdles flat stiching avoid irritation.

We suggest completing these women's cycling shorts with our blue night socks.

Product features:
  • UV treatment
  • Compression fabric
  • Laser cut
  • French design
  • Made in Italy