GoatDock Brompton Wall Mount Rack

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The GOATDOCK is the first specialty wall mounted bike rack to showcase your piece of Brompton engineering as Urban Art & a Style Icon. 
The way Brompton should be!


  • 1 x Welcome Card
  • 1 x GOATDOCK
  • 5 x Fixing Plugs
  • 5 x Screws


  • Place your GOATDOCK on the wall, mark the middle hole and drill, using a 6 mm masonry drill bit. Drill the hole for the plug 80 mm into the wall. 
  • Fix the GOATDOCK middle screw to the wall leaving a 10 mm gap from the wall and level the rack with spirit level.
  • When the GOATDOCK is level, mark the other 4 holes.
  • Twist the rack on the middle screw and drill the other 4 holes.
  • Insert the plugs, re-level the rack and fix the screws.
  • Your GOATDOCK is ready to use!

Simply hang the frame of your Brompton on each padded hook and lean your pedal against the leather pad. Your Brompton has to have standard foldable or MKS Ezy Superior pedals to fit the GOATDOCK when your bike is hung.
Please note: Some custom or solid pedals may not fit the GOATDOCK.