Gobik CX Pro Unisex Ventura White Jersey

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Ultralight jersey, very tight and highly perspirable, thanks to its second skin efect. Its 4-fabric combination make the CX PRO a tecnically complete garment. A perfect adjustment, it's designed to addopt any agressive move on the ride, and get the maximum aerodynamic results.

Ideal for advanced users with thin complexion.


  • Fabrics: SKIN / G-MESH² - AERO / Sleeves G-MESH² + AERO LASER CUT
  • Zipper: Complete, injected “VISLOM” lock system “CAM LOCK” + silicone puller. Hidden
  • Pockets: 3 backpockets angle cut
  • Elastic Band: Silicone 25 mm
  • Detail: Rear reflective bands G-Vision Black
  • Sewings: Hidden
  • Use Range: 20ºC to 38ºC