Gobik Gravity K12 Bibshort

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The ultimate bib short in less than 145 grams weight
Gravity, where lightness and total compressibility meet. A new force simply patterned, sewed with minimalism and settled off on the features of adaptability and breathability.
Your ultimate bib short, both for practice and extremely demanding competitions. That’s the new Gravity bib short by Gobik. Based on a 4-way stretch lycra, light and adapted to the body in the four ways, to reach a final compressibility similar to the heavyweight lycra; all of that in a 145 grams garment.
A tight fit on the hips and new developed bibs, that provide a perfect fastening to the body and balanced weight distribution.

And last but not least, the K12 pad by Elastic Interface; bacteriostatic, breathable and seamless. A superlight and variable density garment, created to easily adjust to the body lines as well as to the circumstances of the most challenging routes.
Recommended for road or MTB routes.


  • Fabrics: 4WAY STRETCH
  • Bibs: Ultra-breathable and adaptable
  • Pad: K12
  • Detail: Side reflective elements
  • Sewings: Flat Lock/ Flat / Zigzag
  • Compression: Mid-High
  • Use Range 17ºC to 35ºC