HideMyBell Mini computer mount + GoPro Mount

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In addition to the HideMyBell regular, there is also a mini variant. This model has been optimized for the popular compact data collectors. Think of the Garmin Edge 820, Polar M460 and Wahoo Bolt. All features of the HideMyBell 2.0 are taken over, with the mini only having a 2 centimeter shorter arm. Good for tight compact looks combined with a compact bike computer!

Like the standard version, the HideMyBell Mini is suitable for different brands by the various adapters. Also, the model is compatible with a GoPro adapter or the new universal lamp holder. With this last part you can also add all the handle bar lights underneath the HideMyBell. Straight looks combined with maximum safety! Bicycle computer, camera or lamp, bicycle bell in combined one product: HideMyBell can do it all.


  • Unique and lightweight combination
  • Out of front holder design
  • Rattle free and loud bell
  • Made of strong Polymer (POM)
  • Suitable for 31.8mm handle bar (standard size)
  • Weight: 44 grams
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Handle bar mount: hidden-bolt design
  • Designed and developed in the Netherlands
  • Patent pending

Suitable for:

  • Garmin Edge 20, 25, 200, 500, 510, 520 and 820
  • Wahoo BOLT, Mini and RFLKT
  • Sigma Rox 7.0 & 11.0 (order the Garmin edition)
  • Polar M450 & M460
  • Bryton Rider 310 and 330
  • Lezyne


  • Computer mount mini untuk Garmin, Mio, Polar, Sigma, Wahoo and Bryton yang dilengkapi dengan bel sepeda.
  • Termasuk GoPro mount