MKS US-L Ezy Superior Pedal (Look Compatible)

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  • 3 holes clipless pedal
  • With its unique Split Binding System (Pat.P) the pedal provide proper holdings of cleats, yet requires minimum release force and angle of twisting your heel.
  • With MKS original cleat set that compatible LOOK KEO※2 cleat (Only 0° and 4.5°float cleat. No compatibility between KEO GRIP cleat).
  • Recommended for long range pedaling such as TOURING or LONGRIDE because the Split Binding System helps tired riders with its low stress stepping out character to provide easy releasing, when they finished pedaling after a long run.
  • Appropriate for clipless pedal beginners, female riders and person with inflexible heel.
  • 3 stage adjustable spring tension
  • Highly-smooth rotation

※Do not dismantle the cartridge sealed bearings since these items are accurately adjusted maintenance free parts.

※Do not inject lubricant into cartridge sealed bearings because lubrication fluid stimulates grease leakage and shorten bearing life span.

※Dust seal cap also work as bearing adjuster.
If you loosen the cap, it may cause over play.