NovDesign Brompton Magnetic Hinge Clamp - Gold

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  • NOV Hinge clamp shells are pretty amazing. They actually have little magnets inside to keep the shell from rotating while screwing in the hinges. And they're super light too!
  • NOV Designs hinge clamps take a different approach from other Brompton Mod manufacturers. Rather than prevent spinning of the clamp shell by making one side longer than the other, NOV uses a magnet to make one side stick to the frame and thus not rotate. You might think that the magnets make them heavier but these hinge clamp shells are actually lighter than the stock clamps!
  • Made in Korea.
  • 1 set consists of 2pcs hinge clamps.


  • Penjepit engsel sepeda Brompton yang ringan dan menggunakan magnet.
  • 1 set berisi 2pcs penjepit engsel.