NovDesign Brompton Stop Disc - Black Union Jack

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  • NOV makes these stop discs partly as a way to shave weight but also to add some flair to your bike! There's an option to have a Union Jack on some, which is hard to see when they're on the bike, but super cool.
  • "What's a stop disk?" You ask. Well, fold your bike up and I'll show you. See how when you pick the Brompton up by the seat the seat post touches a little plastic disc that's attached to the rear frame right by the rear brake? That little guy is the stop disk. Now, normally it's a bit of plastic that does it's job quitely and stays out of sight. Not NOV's stop disk. This stop disc is designed to spruce up your look, with either a plain clean metal apperance or a festive Union Jack emblazed upon the business end. How much benefit is there? I'm not sure, but I am sure I'm putting one on my Brompton!
  • Made in Korea.


  • Lower stop disc untuk sepeda Brompton.åÊ
  • Berat hanya 4.6 gram lebih ringan daripada parts asli Brompton åÊyang berbobot 27.5 gram.
  • Dengan logo Union Jack akan mempercantik penampilan sepeda Brompton anda.