NovDesign Rear Axle 2 Speed Titanium Washer Set - Black

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  • These washers match the look and feel of NOV's 2 speed axle nuts. Use them in tandem for the full NOV style effect.
  • This set of washers for 2 speed Bromptons is really pretty impressive looking. All it all, they round out the high end look you get when installing a custom chain tensioner. When you want to really do it right, you can't help but desire a set of these beautifully machined - and beautifully finished - axle nut washers.
  • Don't forget to pickup a matching set of NOV 2 speed axle nuts. That's really the way to round out the complete look.
  • Made in Korea.


  • Washer titanium untuk mempercantik sepeda Brompton 2 speed anda dan cocok dipadukan dengan baut titanium nya.
  • Tidak bisa digunakan untuk sepeda Brompton 6 speed.