ORP Smart Horn & Beacon Light - Angus Pink

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This is the Angus Pink Orp.åÊThe world‰۪s first combination dual-tone bike horn & beacon light.
It‰۪s reminiscent of a rare, cute pink baby dolphin, a succulent medium rare steak (sorry vegans) or a naked mole rat- its silicone skin actually makes it feel like a mole rat (or a premature giant baby hamster if you prefer). If you love Pink, or any of the inspiration listed above, then this is the Orp to have.

Orp is the world‰۪s first combination dual-decibel bike horn and front beacon light all in a super small, weatherproof, USB rechargeable package. It sure beats yelling.
Press Orp's Wail Tail up to warn pedestrians and fellow cyclists with the 76dB friendly sound. Press down for Orp's 96dB Loud sound for cars and traffic. In addition, Orp's LEDs fire every time the horn is actuated, so you canåÊbe seen and heard.

Orp was built to make you more visible by making you hearable. Orp combines a dual-decibel horn and front beacon light within a super-small, super-light, weatherproof and USB rechargeable package. Orp's integral strap makes mounting a breeze for almost all handlebars. All Orps come complete with the Orp Power Kit (a micro USB/USB cable), Orp‰۪s Handle Bar Girth Enhancement Device (rubber shim) for thinner handle bars, and are REMORP ready.