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RedWhite’s The JERSEY is designed for all-day riding. We’ve employed a lightweight mesh performance fabric that keeps you cool in the hottest of days, yet is versatile enough to be paired with a warm base layer, jacket / gilet during the cooler season. Generously-sized pockets stores all your long-ride essentials & fuel. An oversized Resin Zipper ensures that pesky “jammy-zipper” issue never occurs. Each Jersey is hemmed with a soft silicone gripper to ensure it remains in position on your waist.

Technical Info:

1. Materials
A lightweight material was chosen for The JERSEY primarily for its great wicking performance and second skin feel. Woven into a semi-mesh structure, this fabric keeps the rider feeling light and dry despite the conditions.

The waist is hemmed with a soft silicone gripper that ensures The JERSEY stays in place as you hammer down the road.

2. Flatlock Stitching
The JERSEY is built with flatlock stitching for superior durability, strength and flatness.

3. Generous Pockets
Deep set pockets are used for The Jersey to cater for the needs of longer rides. The ability to keep one more gel or muesli can make or break a ride. We prefer to err on the safe side.

4. Resin Zipper
An oversized Resin Zipper was chosen for The Jersey to provide a much smoother experience for the rider. Naturally corrosion-resistant, this zipper will ensure you never experience that pesky “jammy-zipper” issue again.

5. Tailored Fit
The JERSEY is tailored to fit well on you without being too tight (like a race-cut jersey) or loose (like a club-fit jersey). We employed a “ringer-style” tailoring to achieve a comfortable “wrap-around” feel on your chest & abdomen, minimising fabric flap in the process. The sleeves are tailored with a typical cyclist’s arms in mind, and cut stylishly longer.

Technical Overview:

New for 2017, The JERSEY is a lightweight cycling Jersey that we designed for riders who want a versatile top that can go the distance in any weather. With this new project, we adhered to the strict design philosophy of focusing on function and utility – a philosophy that made our Long-Distance bibshorts popular.

This Article will give an overview of the following key elements of The JERSEY :

Fabric : Lightweight Performance Mesh
The JERSEY uses a 135gsm lightweight polester fabric that’s weaved into a semi-mesh structure. This means that the fabric retains the structure and body of traditional non-mesh fabric, with the superior wicking and heat dissipation properties of a full open-mesh fabric (commonly used to construct baselayers).
We chose this fabric for its versatility.
The semi-mesh structure allows it to be ridden in hot & humid climates, with or without a baselayer underneath.
For the cooler climates, the fabric pairs really well with arm-warmers, merino baselayer and a gilet or jacket (for early morning chilly starts). Pull off your layers as the temperature rises into the afternoon, and you’ll easily avoid overheating.

Oversized Resin Zipper
Don’t we all hate zippers that end up jamming and breaking?
The JERSEY is built around an Oversized Resin Zipper. Commonly used on heavy-duty jackets & bags, we chose to bring this to our debut Jersey.
The zipper’s teeth are made of an injection-moulded resin polymer and each teeth is 2-3 times larger than your average Jersey zipper’s teeth. This results in a zipper that will not corrode or jam no matter what you throw at it.
We’ve field tested this on and off-road, put it through multiple wash-cycles, left it out for weeks in salt water. Rest assured, unlike most garments, this is one zipper that will outlast the Jersey itself.
Oh, and it does come with the following features :

  • Smooth function – easily zip and un-zip with just 1 hand, thanks to the large, resin teeth.
  • Auto-Lock function – zip up to where you like it and leave it be. The teeth’s shape ensures that it remain locked in position & will not spontaneously unzip. 

Each Jersey comes with 3 wide pockets that allows you to easily carry :

  • Extra water-bottles
  • Pump & Spare-tubes
  • Fuel
  • Rolled-up Jacket / Gilet

We’ve kept the height of the pockets below 20cm to allow easy access to your essentials. We’ve designed the Jersey’s rear panel in a way that allows each pocket to be stretched generously wide, without sagging or flapping when not filled.

This means you get 3 rear pockets that:

  • Remain flat & stylish when not filled.
  • Easily accessible.
  • Generous enough to be stuffed with whatever you desire.

Flatlock Stitching
Just like our Long-Distance bibshorts, The JERSEY’s main panels are securely stitched together using a 4-thread flatlock stitch that remains flat and unnoticeably-comfortable on your skin.
We’ve also colour-matched the threads used for every Jersey design’s stitching.

Each Jersey is finished with a strip of soft silicone that ensures it remains in place on your ride.