Sigma Brakelight - Blue

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A minimalistic light for maximum safety
The BRAKELIGHT has been specially designed for cyclists. The bright, high-power LED lights up on the slightest pull of the brake lever to indicate that the cyclist is braking. A scant six grams and a few seconds to install are all it takes to increase safety. The new BRAKELIGHT is compatible with all cable actuated mechanical brakes.

Measuring 3cm x 3cm, it is a small and inconspicuous accessory. Five different colors are available to match any bike.

The streamlined, aerodynamic design looks great on all bikes. You will be hard pressed to find another light as small with such amazing safety benefits.

A flexible companion
The BRAKELIGHT sets new standards in road safety but has also been designed for use in many other areas too. The ease of attaching it and virtually undetectable weight of just 7 grams make using the device easy.

Lampu belakang yang akan menyala terang saat sepeda di rem, sehingga menambah faktor keamanan saat bersepeda di jalan raya.