uvex city light Helmet - Anthracite Mat

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Extra security: new uvex city light sets new levels of visibility on a bicycle, with LED lighting built-in.

City, Countryside, the Future: increasingly, bicycles will become the most important means of transport in urban areas, promising independence and improving quality of life. Visibility on a bike is essential – to safeguard both the rider and other road users. Reflective details on clothing and perfectly working bicycle lights are often used. For even more safety, uvex presents the new uvex city light.

uvex city light is a simple, sporty city bike helmet. Its true character reveals when the power button is pressed: under the outer shell, 4 LED strips light up – 2 at the front, 2 at the back – with 32 LEDs in all. To make the cyclist more visible at dawn or dusk, or in the dark. At the touch of a button, the LEDs switch between constant, flash and pulse. Depending on the mode, the built-in battery lasts 6 to 12 hours. Recharge in less than 2 hours using the supplied USB cable. An LED indicates charge status:

• Green: 60 % power remaining

• Green/Red: 30 to 60 % power remaining

• Red: ≤ 30 % power remaining, low battery

This technology lies behind an extra LED light at the back of the helmet. Reflective straps and lettering complete the package. Note: road traffic regulations class these helmet LEDs as auxiliary, passive light and do not replace active bicycle lights. Made for: night owls

Special features: built-in LED lights, double inmould construction, IAS 3D fit system, 18 vents, visor, reflective straps and logos, includes plug-in LED


  • [double inmould] Injected foam layer (EPS) directly into the hard outer shell (PC). The second layer protects the bottom edges
  • [FAS] Fast adaption system, fixed and secure fastening
  • [IAS 3D] Optimum height and perimeter adjustment
  • [IAS anatomic] Optimum height and perimeter adjustment
  • [monomatic] Quickly fasten/unfasten the helmet strap with one button