White Lightning Crystal Grease 454gr Tube

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A Different Kind of Bicycle Grease!
Crystal Clear. Odorless. Non-Staining. Non-toxic. Biodegradable.

White Lightning has developed Crystal䋢 Grease for cyclists and mechanics who are simply unwilling to compromise on performance or ecology. An aluminum based thickening system makes Crystal Grease 100% water proof, perfect for wet weather road rides or stream crossings on a mountain bike. Premium hydro-treated base oils deliver smooth bearing lubrication and long-lasting durability. Crystal Grease will not attack gaskets, seals or carbon fiber. Crystal will not stain painted surfaces. Crystal Grease allows mechanics to visually identify wear and contaminate particles.

It is ideal for use on all bike parts including headsets, pedals, suspension bearings and carbon componentry. Crystal's formulation is odour-free, non-toxic, non-staining, biodegradable and has unequalled resistance to water washout. Feeling very "friendly" in the hand, its clear appearance makes contaminant detection "crystal"!